Activated Charcoal Combo

Activated Charcoal+ Organic Bamboo Toothbrush Combo

Responsibly Produced Sustainable Product

Join The No Plastic Movement!

99% Biodegradable.
BPA free Bristles.
Nylon 4 Tapered Bristles.
Activated Charcoal Infused Filaments.
Natural anti-bacterial effects of charcoal.
Made from sustainably harvested bamboo.

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Kerala stores new charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush is biodegradable.
Bristles are BPA free and charcoal-infused.
It has natural anti-bacterial properties which keep your gums healthy.
This comes naturally to you without any fancy appearance.
It’s is handcrafted in India.
As bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable so it is the best alternative to reduce the world’s second-largest plastic pollution which is branded regular plastic toothbrushes available


100% Natural Product
Removes superficial stains and makes the teeth appear whiter
Re-mineralize and Strengthen your teeth
Removes accumulated plaque and freshens the breath

Directions to Use:

Rinse your toothbrush/fingers and take a pinch of the Activated Charcoal Powder and rub the powder on your teeth. Repeat the procedure twice a day for fair and white teeth.
Tested and verified by thekeralastore.
Expiry Date: 6 Months

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