Kallummakkaya Pickle

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100% organic
Procured directly from Mussel farmers in Kerala
Hygienically processed and seasoned
Export quality Mussels are used in pickling process
Delivered anywhere across India
Any quantity available upon pre-order
100% Home-made


Mussels are good for healthy, nervous system, bone and teeth
Essential Vitamin A, B12, minerals like Iron are found adequately in Mussels
Regular consumption of mussels helps in relieving asthmatic conditions
Kallummakkaya pickle has long shelf life

Net Weight: 250gms( 450 Rs),500gms( 800 Rs), 1000gms(1200)
Ingredients: Mussel, Garlic, Ginger, chilly powder, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Fenugreek powder, Mustard
seeds, Vinegar, Oil

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Kallummakkaya Pickle (Mussel Pickle) is any seafood enthusiasts dream come true. In our modern hectic day to day life it becomes nearly impossible to procure fresh Mussel produce from the market, also cleaning mussels takes a lot of patience and expertise. The Kerala Store's Kallummakkaya Pickle is prepared by Mom's whose selfless and caring love spills over to every jar we ready. 

For every Indian living away from home, a jar of freshly prepared Kallummakkaya Pickle will be a treat to quench their nostalgia. Our store can help you send your loved one's their favorite mussel pickle which will never let them down, especially if they are away from home. Apart from the various health benefits it has, our pickle gets better and better the more you save it, but we bet you can’t resist your temptation. 

Kerala store is also an outlet where anybody who ever wants to experience the authentic taste of Kerala can explore from our various Kerala products.

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