Kerala Bananna Chips

Kerala Banana Chips


Kerala Banana Chips Combo Pack

Authentic Kerala style banana chips made from exclusive Kerala variety banana called Nendran. Ultra-thin wafers make it crunchy and delicious.

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Combo Pack Includes:

Two separate packs of Banana Chips 100 gms each

Favorite Nendran Chips From Kerala

Most of the people like the chips and they are made of different vegetables and fruits. Some of the ships like potato chips, Cassava chips, banana chips, jackfruit chips, etc. many peoples are extremely like the kerala banana chips. This is rich in taste and color. This is one of the ethnic snacks items of Kerala and it is popular all over the country. 

This chip is made with nendran bananas which are famous in Kerala. They fried these chips by using natural coconut oils. This chip is available in different varieties with lovely taste. Now you get these chips from online purchases. The service provider can offer the best quality products for your needs. This crunchy item is filled with lots of goodies for the children.

Crispy Chips From Kerala

Kerala is filled with lots of natural beauty. This is one of the great places for providing various shacks items like murukku, banana chips, shakaruperi, and several types of halwa. The kerala banana chips are very famous snakes’ items for everyone. The service providers are offering an online sale for the chips items for your favorite needs. 

By using their affordable service you get tasty chips at your home. Not only have the chips they are also offered many things for your needs. You have to visit their websites to know about the service details. 

You  can order in bulk with their “pre-order” option. When you pre-order, you can get the products freshly prepared. 


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