tender mango pickle

Kerala Tender Mango pickle (400 grm)

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At TheKeralastore.com we have a way of celebrating the communities that we’re a part of, authentic home grown products.

Cusiny started their journey about 3 years ago with selling their authentic products at their own restaurant from then it was just uphill for them. The essence of handpicked home grown products set them apart from other factory made brands. True to their nature ‘ Home Grow’ is deeply rooted to their name.

Cusiny Home Grow has gone out of their way for their unwavering commitment to honoring our homegrown roots.Commitment also means seeking out quality items from local artisans and producers. From Jathika Syrup to Coconut chutney, their products vary for one to
enjoy the freshness and flavor of food that is sourced locally and home grown.

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Lemon Pickle :

Craving for a tender Mango pickle, Don’t worry we have got you covered. Cusiny’s Mango Pickle is made with handpicked ingredients, perfect to club it with any meal of your choice.

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