Navarasa Herbal Bar | Gift Pack |

Navarasa Herbal Bar | Gift Pack |

Nine Handmade Herbal Soaps containing time-tested Ayurvedic Herbs and their extracts, with proven benefits for the skin and scalp. They are pH balanced and cure many skin disorders, improve complexion and balance doshas.

This Navarasa Herbal bar pack contain 9 collection of soaps.

1. Tulsi Herbal Bar – 40gm

2. Milk Protein Herbal Bar – 40gm

3. Neem Herbal Bar – 40gm

4. Turmeric Herbal Bar – 40gm

5. Honey & Oatmeal Herbal Bar – 40gm

6. Red Sandalwood Herbal Bar – 40gm

7. Aloevera Herbal Bar – 40gm

8. All Seasons Herbal Bar – 40gm

9. Nalpamaradi Herbal Bar – 40gm

1,490.00 Price Inc. Tax



Bipha Drug Laboratories

In 1929, a gifted Ayurvedic Physician, Pappy Vaidyar, realised the need of an institution to meet the rising demand for genuine Ayurvedic formulations/ treatment. Bipha Drug Laborataries was established as a result of his efforts in Ochira, a small village in South Kerala.

Combining the purest ingredients with the age old science of Ayurveda. Innovating unique formulations for every aspect of health, wellness and beauty, since 1929.

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