prawns chutney

Prawns Chutney


Our prawns chutney:

  • Hygienically processed and prepared
  • Kerala Seafood Specialty
  • Organic Dry Prawns
  • No Added Chemicals
  • Ready to serve


  • The goodness of Prawns and Coconuts in a single serving
  • Has plenty of proteins and unsaturated fat
  • Rich in Vitamins and other essential minerals
  • Good for healthy heart

Net weight:100gms,200gms,500gms

Ingredients: Dried prawns, Red Chilly, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Shallots, Grated Coconut, Salt

Mfg Date: Next day after order is placed

Expiry Date: 90 Days

Seller: Philos

Location: Alappuzha

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Prawns is a big part of Kerala’s food culture. Don’t believe it? Well, there is a novel and a well known movie titled Prawns. Coconut Trees cover most of Kerala’s Landscape, it not only carpets God’s own Country with greenery, but also provides nature’s most nutritious coconuts. Coconuts in Kerala has absorbed the culture and tradition of the soil and is considered among the tastiest coconuts in the world.

Now Imagine both coming together, that’s when you get your yummiest seafood heaven called Chemmeen Chammandi or Prawns Chutney. It is served with Boiled Tapioca or Rice porridge according to traditions. The taste is so satisfying that you wouldn’t need any other side dishes with your rice if you have a serving of Prawns Chutney by your side

Talk about Prawns Chutney To a seafood loving Keralite and you will see them close their mouth for a while followed by a gulp, yes, mouth watering just by the thought of it. The flaky, distinct yet crunchy, spicy flavor has left long lasting effect on our taste buds.

The Kerala Store team understands the love Keralites have for Chemmeen and has teamed up with home cooking experts to bring you the yummiest Prawns Chutney available in India.

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