Be a part of 100 curated vendors whose products are so unique and deeply rooted to God’s Own Country!

Curated Vendors

At we have a way of celebrating the communities that we’re a part of, those who strive to mark the benefits of authentic Kerala products. By partnering with curated vendors, we reach out to a global market, distribute opportunity and recognition along with revenue for our vendors. We curate the best out of the talented and resourceful individuals by giving them a platform to showcase their products and services along with earning them a livelihood, by giving a platform to market products, true to the roots of Kerala.

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Why Choose Us ?

Your Traditional Kerala Brands to make a mark in the global market
A platform for you to generate more revenue for your unique brand.
A chance for small scale businesses to accomplish bigger results.
Authenticity of your Kerala Brand Highlighted as a trademark.
Increase and ease Administrative Efficiency for your brand.
A personalised dashboard for you to create loyal customer relationships.
We find great customers who crave for your products that are crafted with love.
Online Presence for your Brand on our Social Media pages.
Wide array of Audience who will identify with your brand.


Be a part of God’s own Country’s Classic Trademark. Build your Business with TKSC

About Us

At, God's on Store, we are a team of young entrepreneurs that are committed to show the quality of “Naadan” Kerala Products, deeply rooted to God’s Own Country. Our mission, be vocal for local. We are dedicated to partnering with vendors and to give an opportunity for their authentic Kerala brands to make a mark in the global market. Our store is where you can market and procure authentic Kerala food products, handicrafts, ayurvedic products and MUCH more.


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