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AUTHENTIC SPICES COMBO ( Turmeric 80g + Chilly 80g + Coriander 80g )


TKSC’s Chilly Powder is celebrated for its sharp flavours of sizzling aromatic hand picked chillies that infuse a pungent flavour for those taste palates that love spicy food. Identified for its brimming flavours and life of the traditional Kerala Cuisine that has the power to transform any bland food with its fiery flavour and further adds zing to your food!

We all know that this key ingredient in our daily food is considered one of the most powerful healing spices in the world; we assure you that our Turmeric Powder is made from the ground roots of the turmeric plant, from its purest form.

Used for flavouring food with immeasurable medical properties, TKSC’s Turmeric Powder is recognized as a treasured ingredient with a fine earthy flavour. It’s organically grown origin and locally fresh ground roots set our product apart from others in the market.

TKSC’s Coriander Powder
is one to devour, fresh, wholesome, and honest to its roots that add flavour and goodness to food. Kerala Cuisine is known for its combined ingredient that brings out the flavour for exquisite dishes, a fine blend of sweetness and citrus will take you back to nostalgic flavorsome Kerala dishes.

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All our ingredients are sourced locally with zero percent adulteration, 100 % authentic, and vegan.

This freshly packed goodness by TheKeralaStore.com is pure, unblended, and genuine spices from a trusted brand.

You should try this to experience it.

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