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Narikela Roasted Coconut Paste is a thick paste made from dry roasting shredded coconut until golden brown and then traditionally pounded in a mortar into a paste. It has a very aromatic delicious coconut smell and a deep Smokey roasted coconut flavour. Roasted Coconut Paste provides richness to the dish and makes it more delicious. It is typically used in different types of curries and salads.

Storage and Usage:

Store in a cool dry place, keep in air tight container. once opened consume within one month.
Refrigeration is not recommended.
Always use dry spoon for consumption.

Quantity: 250 gm


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Roasted Coconut Paste is a classic and essential ingredient in South Indian as well as Malaysian cuisine. Non-Veg cuisines, Egg Varieties, all type of Theeyal, Channa masala, Potato Curry, Gobi Masala, soya bean curry, mushroom curry etc. will taste marvelous with roasted coconut paste.

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  1. Anandhu

    Its creamy texture and robust taste redefine richness.

  2. Vishal v

    I recently use Narikela Roasted Coconut Paste, Its thick, aromatic paste with incredible depth and richness of coconut flavor.