kukumadi thailam

Kumkumadi Thailam-Ayurvedic Beauty Serum for Radiant Skin

Kumkumadi Thailam blends the purest Kashmiri Kesar (Hindi for saffron) and several other botanicals like Marayoor sandalwood, Indian Madder, and Indian liquorice to create one of Ayurveda’s most exclusive beauty secrets. When massaged daily as part of your night-time beauty ritual the age-protection and blemish-correction properties of this authentic Ayurveda oil can work wonders on your skin.  

This authentic Ayurveda oil combines the cooling, soothing, and anti-ageing properties of various ingredients sourced from the Indian soil and is formulated to perfection. Bipha Kumkumadi Thailam is an ideal solution to lighten dark circles under the eye and pigmentation of the skin, resulting in an even skin tone.   

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Ingredients – What Does it Contain?

  1. Kashmir Saffron
  2. Manjishta
  3. Yashtimadhu
  4. Marayoor Sandalwood
  5. Vetiver
  6. Dashamoola

Benefits – What’s In It For You?

  • Give skin a youthful appearance 
  • Offers radiant & flawless skin 
  • Hydrates & nourishes your skin 
  • Enhances your natural skin glow 
  • Help remove dark circles 
  • Provide a cooling & soothing effect 
  • Reduces skin pigmentation 
  • Balances the skin tone 
  • Removes the blemishes 
  • Nourishes & prevents early ageing of the skin 

How To Use   

The first step before using the product is to sponge your skin. Do it with the help of a warm, moist towel. Take 4-5 drops using the dropper and apply the serum to your skin. The next step is to massage the oil gently onto your skin using your fingertips. Allow the oil to remain for some time (5 to 10 mins). Then rinse your skin thoroughly. 

Kumkumadi Thailam is best used as a nighttime beauty serum. 

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