Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil hair and skin, Moisturising Oil 150ml

An heirloom beauty recipe for supple skin trusted by several generations, our edible Skin Food is prepared in the traditional Kerala method of heating fresh coconut milk in a bronze vessel or uruli. A gentle and nourishing face and body moisturizing oil, it’s suitable for all skin types and is safe for children and pets. Experience effortless scooping even in winter’s chill with our wide-mouthed glass jar, designed for easy access when the oil solidifies.

This jar of 150 ml oil is made using the milk of 6 coconuts! 

Apply a few drops to your skin for luxurious post-bath nourishment, and to stay subtly fragrant all day long. Work it into your skin to melt away traces of makeup and remove the day’s dirt and grime. Apply liberally on sunburnt skin for gentle and soothing relief, or as a post-shaving/waxing remedy to calm irritated skin.

Nourish your skin sustainably with our luxurious moisturising oil, thoughtfully encased in a chic glass jar. Embracing eco-conscious packaging, we skip the bubble wrap, ensuring your skincare routine is indulgent and environmentally friendly

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