Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Urukku Velichenna) | 100 ml |

Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Urukku Velichenna) | 100 ml |

Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • Also known Urukkuvelichenna is a healthier choice for edible purposes
  • Enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants makes it good for skin and hair care
  • Best oil for baby massage, cures baby rashes and skin infections
  • Protects from hair damage and reduces hair loss

Net weight: 100 ml

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil.

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Where can you get the hot processed virgin coconut oil?

We all know the big hurdle that we face before buying a coconut oil.A lot of doubts will cross our mind regarding its quality,content and presence of additives and health harming chemicals.Now it got easier and the answer is The Kerala Store.Extracted from the good quality coconut species,traditionally processed preserving all its biochemicals and constituents .The kerala store brings you a wide range of   multiple household products on your budget and nothing can restore the value at any time. This virgin coconut oil has multiple health benefits which makes it a  market attraction.

Get the multiple health benefits from it 

The advantage of coconut oil is not just limited to cooking.They are essential in skin care and hair care  that’s  why coconut oil is an integral component in a family. The hot processed virgin coconut oil is coming to your budget so you don't have to compromise your health .. You can use it for the skin care of toddlers  which  will make their skin smooth and soft.

Low cost with excellent quality

Advancement in science brought about the merits of different metabolites and acids that can help in a healthier lifestyle. The essential elements in coconut oil will never keep you disappointed and it will keep your body young and active.

100% pure & raw virgin coconut oil made using Kerala’s traditional method.

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