Pure Coconut Oil | 500ml | Wood Pressed |

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Coconut oil :

  • 100% Organic
  • Strictly No Adulteration
  • Only from the finest Coconuts of Kerala
  • Delivered Fresh straight from the mills

Benefits : 

  • For tasty food
  • For healthy hair
  • Protect against hair damage
  • Flawless and shiny skin
  • Boost skin health
  • To lower cholesterol
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Net Weight : 500 ml

269.00 Price Inc. Tax



Get the pure coconut oil from Kerala efficiently

Thus, people are giving more importance to their oil in every perception like for their hair, cooking purposes’, and so on. On the Kerala side, Keralites prefer only coconut oil apart from various types of oil. Why it becomes the most preferred oil by the people? While them preparing the food with pure kerala coconut oil the reliable food is more tasty and yummy. In addition, it is simultaneously used for hair. Are you noticed most of the Keralites have long hair; the reason behind the growth of the hair is pure coconut oilIt will give more benefits to the people and the natural oil will nourish the root of the hair and increase the hair plantation growth. This article going to discuss the original coconut oil from kerala, so make use of the article viably.

Unique Oil:

While compare with the other types of oil kerala coconut oil have a unique flavor and more people are tending towards this oil. You never find out about this kind of coconut oil, which is branded one, and it is used for all kinds of purposes. Not to waste your time with the unwanted oil there will mix any types of mineral that are not a good one for human health. So get the pure coconut oil for hair from kerala and gain their beneficial things. This is good quality oil and never provides any more hazardous things to the people. It is 100% pure coconut oil and there do not hold any other types of mineral items. You may trust them for ensuring the oil and you never found these types of oil anywhere.

Get the oil on an online platform:

You may ensure the pure coconut oil for cooking in Kerala in online mode. They will deliver the products to the correct place. In addition, you will ensure your products are in a comfortable place. Just, place the order for coconut oil online kerala and the delivery team will transport it to your door place. No more consideration is not required you will easily ensure this platform for purchasing the pure virgin coconut oil. There is also only reliable cost, which means cost-effective. In case you may purchase the oil wholesale, you will be far apart from the vast expense. By approaching this mode, you will more benefits and most Keralites are using this oil for all kinds of purposes. It is one of the beneficial oil and provides more advantages to people.

Keralites most commonly use coconut oil for cooking purposes. Apart from preparing tasty and yummy meals, there are many health benefits associated with natural coconut oil. Natural coconut oil is also a great skin care product and it helps in strengthening hair by nourishing the roots. 

Kerala’s coconut oil has a unique flavor which can’t be found anywhere else. The distinct aroma speaks volumes about the richness of it’s nutritious content. Due to the great demand for Kerala’s coconut oil, Adulterated version of the oil has found its way into the market. Most branded and unbranded coconut oil sold in various parts of India has mineral oil mix in it. Hence, innocent buyers would end up harming their health purchasing inferior quality coconut oil.

To prevent this from happening, the kerala store team has set stringent quality control measures to ensure only 100% Natural Coconut Oil will go to delivery.

Reviews (21)


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  1. fathima

    after searching so long for pure coconut oil I found Kerala store pure coconut oil and I just loved it, it is so pure and organic and can be used for multiple purposes thanks thekeralstore for this lovely product.

  2. Muhammad

    Best Kerala coconut oil available in the market , highly recommended.

  3. Lisa

    One of the purest coconut oil i have ever used in my entire life the quality of the product make it worth buying .

  4. Simon

    Pure and natural coconut ever used , Thanks kerala store for being ture to nature

  5. Easa saleem

    Best oil for cooking, used for hair and for moisturising skin. Easily available all over india

  6. Deepak

    This is a Great Coconut Oil! Smells of Delicious Sweet Coconut’s. A little goes a Long way, if your Using it for Skin Care & Hair Care (Dab two Fingers and Rub it in) No Grit, it’s Silky Smooth and isn’t Oily where you Feel like you got Gunk on your Body or in your Hair. Now for Cooking it’s Great as Well, It has a Very Very Faint Taste of Coconut and it’s Not Sweet even though it’ Smells Sweet. It Heats up Pretty Quick in the Pan so No Extremely Hit Heats, wouldn’t want it to try and take on a Burnt Taste. Great Product if you ask me, I’ll Buy again.

  7. Arya

    Nice product quality and arom is great. Thank you keralastore for beign true to roots

  8. Divya Ganguly

    Thanks keralastore for helping me solve my hair problem 👍

  9. Arathi pandey

    Loved it ,Highly recommended 👍

  10. Basanthi Kulkarni

    It’s hard to find good quality coconut oil in rajasthan , thanks keralastore for delivering goodness at doorstep .

  11. Bhanupriya

    Lovely product truly in love with aroma and quality

  12. Arun

    One of the finest coconut oil ever used ,aroma of pure coconut oil is unmatchable feels like going back home.Thanks keralastore for this lovely product.

  13. Lekshmi vinod

    One of the finest organic wood pressed Coconut oil ever used 👍 highly recommended

  14. keralastore (verified owner)

  15. Venkatesh

    Excellent 👌

  16. neelam

    From the moment I opened the bottle, I was enveloped in the heavenly aroma of pure coconuts. The authenticity of this oil is evident right from the start. 🥥🌿thanks Kerala store for this lovely product

  17. Deepak Tyagi (verified owner)

    Thank You Kerala store for solving my hair problem , Must try.

  18. Manpreet Singh (verified owner)

    What sets this coconut oil apart is its traditional wood-pressing process, which preserves the natural nutrients and goodness of the coconuts. It’s like capturing the essence of Kerala’s coconut groves in a bottle! 🌳🍶, thanks for the lovely product.
    Highly Recommended!

  19. Shruthi Singhal (verified owner)

    The first thing that caught my attention was its versatility. I’ve used it for my hair, my skin, and even in my cooking – and the results have been phenomenal! I just love the coconut oil.

  20. Tanurima Naha

    For my hair, this oil has worked wonders. It nourishes my scalp, leaving it moisturized and healthy. The noticeable improvement in hair growth and shine has been remarkable. 💆‍♀️✨

  21. Kanchan Kashyap (verified owner)

    Overall, Kerala Store’s Organic Wood Pressed Coconut Oil has exceeded my expectations. Its purity, effectiveness, and authenticity make it a must-have in every household. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly divine coconut oil experience! 🌴🌿✨