Instant Theeyal Curry Mix | 250 gm |


Theeyal, which means “burnt dish”, is a typical Kerala dish featuring roasted Coconut and is usually dark brown in color. It gets its color from the toasting of grated coconut and also from tamarind. This is an authentic and traditional shallots-based curry from popular Kerala cuisine. The curry is known for its combination of flavors and tastes, as it has to offer sweetness, sourness and spicy in each bite. it is generally served as a side dish to boiled rice but can also be served with plain steamed white rice with poriyal.

• 100% Organic whole coconut
• No preservatives & No added colours
• Untouched by Hand

Storage and Usage:

Store in a cool dry place, keep in air tight container. once opened consume within one month.
Refrigeration is not recommended.
Always use dry spoon for consumption.

Quantity: 250 gm


270.00 Price Inc. Tax



This instant curry mix makes a rich and thick gravy. The aroma of the roasted coconut along with the spices makes this dish stand out among other recipes.

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